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The effect of a suspension of GABA and phosphatidylserine (PS), phosphatidylcholine, or phosphatidylethanolamine was studied on penicillin-induced epileptic activity in rats. GABA-PS significantly reduced the number of spikes, in comparison with either the other phospholipid compounds or normal saline. No effect was observed after GABA or PS administration(More)
The authors evaluated hematological side effects in 410 epileptic patients under chronic therapy. The aim of the study was to find out the most suitable parametres for preliminary screening. Values outside the normal range were seen in patients treated with multiple drug therapy and in patients receiving antiepileptic drugs from 3 years at least. The(More)
A parenteral penicillin model of epilepsy in the rat was investigated with the aim of evaluating its reliability. Behavioral and EEG patterns were strongly variable in a group of 100 rats injected with 1,000,000 IU/kg of penicillin i.p. Gross counts of spikes were Fourier transformed and grouped into two time windows in 24 out of the 100 rats. Analysis of(More)
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