A. Faruk Bakan

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In this paper, an improved active resonant snubber cell that overcomes most of the drawbacks of the normal zero-current transition (ZCT) pulsewidth-modulation (PWM) dc–dc converter is proposed. This snubber cell is especially suitable for an insulated gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) PWM converter at high power and frequency levels. The converter with the(More)
High performance current control is required to obtain a smooth output torque in permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM) drives. In this manner, a new discrete-time robust predictive current controller is presented for PMSM drives. Controller and current prediction schemes are designed based on the dead-beat structure. The dead-beat control has good(More)
In this study, a new Phase Shifted Full Bridge (PSFB) Pulse Width Modulated (PWM) isolated dc-dc converter is proposed. In the proposed converter, resonant inductor is replaced with Linear Variable Inductor (LVI) that is controlled by output current. The soft switching operation range is increased and the dependency of ZVS operation on the load current is(More)
In this paper, half bridge DC-DC converters with transformer isolation presented in the literature are analyzed for highcurrent and low-voltage applications under the same operation conditions, and compared in terms of losses and efficiency. The conventional and improved half-bridge DC-DC converters are simulated, and current and voltage waveforms are(More)
In this study, implementation of a 10kW three-phase grid-connected inverter system is discussed. The system includes a high voltage dc-link, a two-level inverter and filter inductances. The high voltage dc-link is obtained from AC grid by means of a transformer, a diode rectifier and filter capacitors. The two-level inverter is controlled with SVPWM(More)
In this paper, realization of three-phase grid-connected inverter controlled with dSPACE DS1103 control board is presented. Detailed information about power circuit, sensor board, signal isolation board and DS1103 is given in the paper. The inverter is controlled with DS1103 control board, programming the DSP via MATLAB/Simulink. Connection between the(More)
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