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An immunoaffinity precolumn (immuno precolumn) packed with Sepharose-immobilized polyclonal antibodies against the anabolic hormone 17 beta-19-nortestosterone (beta-19-NT) was used for the selective on-line pretreatment of raw extracts of urine, bile and tissue samples by high-performance liquid chromatography. Using UV detection (247 nm), beta-19-NT and(More)
An immunoaffinity precolumn containing immobilized antibodies raised against the synthetic steroid hormone beta-19-nortestosterone, has been used for the automated sample pretreatment of urine samples containing beta-19-nortestosterone or the related steroids norethindrone and norgestrel. The sample pretreatment system was coupled on-line to a capillary GC.(More)
A liquid chromatographic column-switching system for automated sample pretreatment and determination of the anabolic hormone beta-19-nortestosterone (beta-19-NT) and its metabolite alpha-19-nortestosterone (19-norepitestosterone) in calf urine is described. The system consists of an immunoaffinity pre-column (immuno pre-column) packed with(More)
A liquid chromatographic column-switching system containing a dialysis unit and an anti-aflatoxin immunoaffinity precolumn (immuno precolumn) is described for the automated determination of aflatoxin M1 in milk samples. Both a flat membrane dialysis unit working according to the flowing donor-flowing acceptor principle and a laboratory made hollow-fibre(More)
An immunoaffinity precolumn (immuno-precolumn) containing an immobilized antibody directed against estrogen steroids, was used as a model system for the evaluation of different desorbing techniques, suitable for on-line coupling to column liquid chromatography (LC). Desorption of estrogen analytes from the immuno-precolumn proved to be impossible with the(More)
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