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This paper deals with a new Multi-Agent architecture and a new negotiation protocol for the dynamic scheduling of flexible manuhcturing systems. The originality of the Multi-Agent architecture resides in the existence of task agents and resource agents. The MultiContract Net protocol proposed, is an innovation regard to the Contract-Net protocol in the(More)
Image classification is a very common step in image analysis process. It is a low-level processing that precedes the step of measuring, understanding and decision. Its purpose is image partitioning into related and homogeneous regions in the sense of a homogeneity criterion. In this paper, we proposed a procedure to determine the optimal number of classes(More)
This study is designed to develop a mathematical model for measuring the stability of handheld application usage namely Stableness Measurement Model (SMM). This model outlined a series of formulas based on the total number of eleven stability measures (i.e. eight stability metrics and three stability attributes) which are identified as having associated and(More)
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