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The use of Neural Networks (NN) is necessary to bring the behavior of Intelligent Autonomous Vehicles (IAV) near the human one in recognition, learning, decision-making, and action. First, current navigation approaches based on NN are discussed. Indeed, these current approaches remedy insufficiencies of classical approaches related to real-time,autonomy ,(More)
—In several complex applications, the use of multiple autonomous robotic systems (ARS) becomes necessary to achieve different tasks, such as foraging and transport of heavy and large objects, with less cost and more efficiency. They have to achieve a high level of flexibility, adaptability and efficiency in real environments. In this paper, a reinforcement(More)
Signal flow determination of CMOS/VLSI digital circuits is a key issue for switch-level CAD tools such as timing and testability analyzers, or functional abstractors, ATPGs etc .. and even some simulators. It is used to preprocess circuit MOS transistors in order to improve both the accuracy and the running time of these CAD tools. Existing algorithms can(More)
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