A. Fagundes

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Bite damage patterns have long been used to estimate shark species and body size, with somewhat limited success. The lack of Wt between damage patterns and shark size is partially due to variation in tooth size and shape within an individual. The ability to accurately predict body size from bite patterns is important for better understanding the ecological(More)
This paper focus on a demand response model analysis in a smart grid context considering a contingency scenario. A fuzzy clustering technique is applied on the developed demand response model and an analysis is performed for the contingency scenario. Model considerations and architecture are described. The demand response developed model aims to support(More)
This paper focuses on an analysis of demand response in a smart grid context, presenting the model considerations and architecture. Domestic consumption is divided into groups in order to cover the adequate modeling. A fuzzy subtractive clustering method is applied to demand response on several domestic consumption scenarios and results analyses are(More)
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