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Four studies are reported on the potential role of perceptual interference in a standard Eriksen flanker task. In the first study, incongruent flanker letters showed the usual effect on choice reaction time (CRT) to the target letter but had no effect on the visual fixation time (VFT) needed to distinguish target and flankers. In the second experiment, the(More)
Visual perceptual processing has been found to occur exclusively during fixations of the eye (Sanders and Houtmans, 1985; Sanders and Rath, 1991). Does fixation time also reflect postperceptual processes such as target classification and response selection as well, or can these processes continue during a saccade? In a series of experiments on this question(More)
Subjects performed a task in which they successively inspected two stimuli presented at an equal distance of the left (SL) and the right (SR) of the visual meridian and subtending a 45 degrees visual angle. This was followed by a joint response on the basis of the status of both stimuli. The instruction was to fixate the position of SL at the start of a(More)
During the past several years, a substantial body of experience has accumulated in the use of SYNCHEM, a large-scale program which is able to discover synthesis routes for relatively complex organic structures without on-line guidance on the part of its chemist user. These results indicate that the approach to computer-directed organic synthesis route(More)