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Authors report the case of a 29-year-old woman who presented a 34-weeks abdominal pregnancy. Spontaneous foetal evisceration was observed on abdominal caesarean operation scar performed previously by median infra-umbilical incision. Clinical features and treatment are discussed in developing country environment.
PURPOSE Compare, in a retrospective study, the indications, the efficiency and the morbidity of the flexible ureteroscopy (URS) and the mini percutaneous nephrolithotomy (mini-perc) for the treatment of the renal lithiasis less or equal to 2 cm. MATERIALS AND METHODS One hundred and forty-four operated patients: 101 by "mini-perc" and 43 by URS. Pre-,(More)
Pheochromocytoma is uncommon in children. We report herein a case in a 6-year-old boy whose pheochromocytoma was revealed by cerebral ischemia as a consequence of acute-cardiac failure. Twenty-four-hour urinary catecholamines were markedly increased. Abdominal ultrasonography and computed tomography located the tumor on the left adrenal gland. After(More)
OBJECTIVES To analyze the frequency, clinical and therapeutical aspects of paratesticular tumors encountered in Universiatry Teaching Hospital Ravoahangy-Andrianavalona. METHODS This a retrospective study carried out on 12 patients with paratesticular tumor seen in UTH Ravoahangy-Andrianavalona between January 1997 and December 2007. Studied parameters(More)
Gastric volvulus is an abnormal rotation of the stomach around its axis. The acute form is a surgical emergency, which doesn't tolerate any therapeutic delay. We report on a case in a young girl, revealed by painful epigastric mass and distended gastric bubble on abdominal X-ray. This case was been successfully treated by detorsion and gastropexy. The(More)
The primitive psoas abscess is a pathology extremely rare in the child. The diagnosis is difficult and often delayed. Their treatment requires a local and general sterilization of the infection. We report three observations of primary abscess of the psoas in the child. The clinic presentation is uncommon. Ultrasonography keeps an important place. The(More)
Isolated prostate tuberculosis is uncommon. Authors report herein the case of 64-year-old man who presented obstructive syndrome of low urinary tract. After clinical and biological examination, and imagery, prostate cancer was highly suspected. Transrectal biopsy was performed and histological examination showed tuberculosis lesions. We suggest that(More)
Myxoma is a benign mesenchymatous neoplasm, but can be locally invasive. We describe a rare case of digital myxoma managed in Antananarivo (Madagascar) main hospital. A 16 year-old young man had a 10 mm diameter myxoma located inside the flexor sheath next to the first phalanx of the left long finger. Surgical excision was curative, and there was no(More)