A. F. R. Carvalho

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The production of single photons using rephased amplified spontaneous emission is examined. This process produces single photons on demand with high efficiency by detecting the spontaneous emission from an atomic ensemble, then applying a population-inverting pulse to rephase the ensemble and produce a photon echo of the spontaneous emission events. The(More)
Obtaining rate constants and concentration profiles from spectroscopy is important in reaction monitoring. In this paper, we combined kinetic equations and Iterative Target Transformation Factor Analysis (ITTFA) to resolve spectroscopic data acquired during the course of a reaction. This approach is based on the fact that ITTFA needs a first guess (test(More)
New designs for Magnetic Resonance Imaging contrast agents are presented. Essentially, they all are host-guest inclusion complexes between y-cyclodextrins and polyazamacrocycles of gadolinium (III) ion. Substitutions have been made to the host to optimise the host-guest association. Molecular mechanics calculations have been performed, using the UFF force(More)
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