A F Mel'nikova

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It is shown that whole cells can be effectively fixed in the presence of formaldehyde at -12 degrees C. This reaction is used for the study of the native structure of chromatin. In the nuclei isolated from fixed cells the chromatin has the nucleosomal structure. The size of nucleosomal DNA in these nuclei estimated by hydrolysis with staphylococcal nuclease(More)
The arrangement of histones along nucleosomal DNA within particular active and inactive genome regions was analysed by using protein-DNA crosslinking methods combined with hybridization tests. Two-dimensional gel electrophoresis was employed to compare the nucleosome conformation and nucleosomal DNA size. The arrangement of histones along DNA and general(More)
Using "protein-image" hybridization technique combined with various crosslinking methods, for formaldehyde-prefixed nuclei we have analysed changes induced by activation in the chromatin structure of HSP-70 genes. From the crosslinking data it follows that chromatin of actively transcribed genes undergoes some structural rearrangements resulting in certain(More)
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