A. F. El-Bassiouny

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There is a need for new metaphors from immunology to flourish the application areas of Artificial Immune Systems. A metaheuristic called Obesity Heuristic derived from advances in obesity treatment is proposed. The main forces of the algorithm are the generation omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids. The algorithm works with Just-In-Time philosophy; by starting(More)
There are many new forms of interfacing human users to machines. We persevere here electric-mechanical form of interaction between human and machine. The emergence of brain–computer interface allows mind-to-movement systems. The story of the Pied Piper inspired us to devise some new heuristics for interfacing human motor system using brain waves, by(More)
— Most optimization problems in real life applications are often highly nonlinear. Local optimization algorithms do not give the desired performance. So, only global optimization algorithms should be used to obtain optimal solutions. This paper introduces a new nature-inspired metaheuristic optimization algorithm, called Hoopoe Heuristic (HH). In this(More)