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There are many new forms of interfacing human users to machines. We persevere here electric-mechanical form of interaction between human and machine. The emergence of brain–computer interface allows mind-to-movement systems. The story of the Pied Piper inspired us to devise some new heuristics for interfacing human motor system using brain waves, by(More)
There is a need for new metaphors from immunology to flourish the application areas of Artificial Immune Systems. A metaheuristic called Obesity Heuristic derived from advances in obesity treatment is proposed. The main forces of the algorithm are the generation omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids. The algorithm works with Just-In-Time philosophy; by starting(More)
Subharmonic resonance of two-degree-of-freedom systems with cubic nonlinearities to multifrequency parametric excitations in the presence of three-to-one internal resonance is investigated. Two approximate methods (the multiple scales and the generalized synchronization) are used to construct a first-order nonlinear ordinary differential equations governing(More)