A. F. Dronov

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PURPOSE The technique and outcome of minimally invasive laparoscopic treatment of various forms of intussusception in children after ineffective attempt at conservative treatment are described. METHODS Ninety-eight patients from 2 months to 11 years of age were analyzed. RESULTS Suggested scheme of surgical treatment using laparoscopic technique was(More)
Background: The technique of the laparoscopic treatment of varicocele in children is described, and its outcome is discussed. Methods: A total of 180 patients from 6 to 14 years of age were studied. All of them had left-sided varicocele; 10 of them were recurrences after treatment by other methods. Varicocele was diagnosed on physical examination and(More)
It was analyzed the treatment results of 24 patients under the age of 2 years with total aganglionosis for the period from 2000 to 2013. Each of these patients underwent several surgical interventions (on the average 7.8±2.1). All children were operated radically. It was performed ileojejunorectal anastomosis at transitional fold of peritoneum in patients(More)
From 1992 to 2001 laparoscopic diagnosis and treatment of various pathologic changes of Meckel diverticulum were carried out in 58 children aged from 3 weeks to 14 years. Bleeding from the diverticulum was in 33 patients, diverticulitis--in 21, intestinal obstruction--in 4 patients. Diagnostic laparoscopy was performed carefully with trochars of small(More)
Experience in use of different laparoscopic methods in 6046 children who needed urgent and elective surgeries are analyzed. Urgent surgeries were performed in 3292 children for acute appendicitis and it complications, acute adhesive intestinal obstruction, invagination, trauma of abdominal organs, pathological changes of Meckel diverticulum, urgent(More)
The present status of gastroenterological laparoscopic surgery in Russia is comprehensively analyzed. Based on the generalized data obtained by 11 leading clinicians of the country, the authors in detail consider the feasibilities of endoscopic techniques of surgical gastroenterology, the proportion of each nosological entity in the total statistics of(More)
Results of treatment of 148 children suspected for acute adhesive intestinal obstruction (AAIO) after laparoscopy are analyzed. Age of the patients ranged from 3 weeks to 14 years. There were 90 (61.4%) boys and 58 (38.6%) girls. Diagnosis of AAIO was confirmed in 129 patients (other diseases were revealed in 19 children). Laparoscopic adhesiotomy was(More)