A. F. Cuvilliers

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BACKGROUND Congenital microcoria, a bilateral condition of the iris dilatator, is defined as a pupil with a diameter of less than 2 mm when looking at a distant object. Although it is usually a hereditary condition resulting from autosomal dominant transmission with no marked difference between the sexes, it is sometimes sporadic. The ocular abnormalities(More)
SYSTEMIC PHARMACOKINETICS AND CARBONIC ANHYDRASE INHIBITION OF DORZOIAMIDE Adamsom I, Ccmor I, Stmhmaier K, Tan&a W, Constanrer M, Kusma S, Winchell G Merck Research Labs, Blue Bell, PA, USA fir-pose: Dorzolamide @ORE) is a topical carbonic anhydrase (CA) inhibitor that is approved for treatment of open-angle glauccma and ocular hypertension. DORE exerts(More)
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