A. F. Al-Ani

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In this paper, a novel feature extraction method based on the utilization of wavelet packet transform (WPT) and the concept of fuzzy entropy is presented. The method acts in steps, were in the first step the WPT is employed to generate a wavelet decomposition tree from which many features are extracted. In the second step, a new algorithm to compute the(More)
Recent approaches in multifunction myoelectrically controlled prosthetic devices revealed that dimensionality reduction plays a significant role in the overall system performance. In this paper, a new feature selection method is developed based on a mixture of particle swarm optimization (PSO) method and the concept of mutual information (MI). The new(More)
In this paper, a new feature extraction method utilizing ant colony optimization in the selection of wavelet packet transform (WPT) best basis is presented and adopted in classifying biomedical signals. The new algorithm, termed intelligent artificial ants (IAA), searches the wavelet packet tree for subsets of features that best interact together to produce(More)
Recently, the literature has witnessed an increasing interest in the study of medical image watermarking and recovery techniques. In this article, a novel image tamper localization and recovery technique for medical image authentication is proposed. The sparse coding of the Electronic Patient Record (EPR) and the reshaped region of Interest (ROI) is(More)
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