A. Evan Iverson

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High-quality image compression algorithms are capable of achieving transmission or storage rates of 0.3 to 0.5 b/pixel with low degradation in image quality. In order to obtain even lower bit rates, we relax the usual RMS error definition of image quality and allow certain "less critical" portions of the image to be transmitted as texture models. These(More)
BACKGROUND Genomic nursing education requires an assessment to capture understanding of genetic-genomic concepts that are critical to competent nursing practice. The Genomic Nursing Concept Inventory (GNCI) was designed for that purpose. Advanced psychometric analyses were applied to GNCI responses to assess dimensionality and item and scale functioning and(More)
A standardized AIDS prevention program, Stop AIDS, was tested with gay and bisexual men in 3 different geographic locations: metropolitan Chicago; Orange County, California; and Phoenix, Arizona, employing a test of AIDS knowledge, attitudes, and behavior. Results indicted that the Chicago participants began with the most knowledge about AIDS but gained(More)
A spatial classification technique incorporating a novel feature derivation method is proposed for classifying the heterogeneous classes present in the hyper spectral images. The classification accuracy can be improved if and only if both the feature extraction and classifier selection are proper. As the classes present in the hyper spectral image are(More)
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