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BACKGROUND   Spasticity is a disabling complication of multiple sclerosis, affecting many patients with the condition. We report the first Phase 3 placebo-controlled study of an oral antispasticity agent to use an enriched study design. METHODS   A 19-week follow-up, multicentre, double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled, parallel-group study in(More)
In 22 nm optical lithography and beyond, source mask optimization (SMO) becomes vital for the continuation of advanced ArF technology node development. The pixel-based method permits a large solution space, but involves a time-consuming optimization procedure because of the large number of pixel variables. In this paper, we introduce the Zernike polynomials(More)
Reconstructing a three-dimensional scene from multiple simultaneously acquired perspectives (the light field) is an elegant scanless imaging concept that can exceed the temporal resolution of currently available scanning-based imaging methods for capturing fast cellular processes. We tested the performance of commercially available light field cameras on a(More)
Evaluation of the state of the art plenoptic cameras is necessary for design and application purposes. In this work, spatial resolution is investigated in a multi-focus plenoptic camera using two approaches: empirical and model-based. The Raytrix R29 plenoptic camera is studied which utilizes three types of micro lenses with different focal lengths in a(More)
This paper proposes the use of genetic algorithms for process optimization and calibration of model parameters. The main principles of these evolution inspired optimizers are briefly explained. Afterwards, their application to two process simulation tasks is presented: (1) a layout problem in lithography processes and (2) the extraction of physical(More)
A definition of morphometrical parameters of single cell populations is given. Methods for estimating these quantities (confidence estimation included) are described. For the comparison of equivalent parameters of 2 cell populations 2 statistical test procedures replacing the common t-test, are discussed. In addition, a homogeneity test is proposed for(More)
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