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Text categorization is the process of classifying documents into a predefined set of categories based on its contents of keywords. Text classification is an extended type of text categorization where the text is further categorized into sub-categories. Many algorithms have been proposed and implemented to solve the problem of English text categorization and(More)
This article describes an automatic method for building of distributed neural classifiers for pattern recognition. The methodology is based upon the detection of reliable regions in the representation space, i.e. clusters exclusively composed of patterns from the same class. This detection is performed using a hierarchical clustering method associated with(More)
Extracting knowledge from text data and taking its full advantage has been an important way to reduce its computation and accelerate processing, especially for large amounts of data. Thus, different approaches and methodologies for modeling and representing textual data have been proposed. In this paper, a graph-based approach for automatic indexing of(More)
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