A. El Kaabouchi

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We provide a counterexample to show that the generic form of entropy ∑ = i i p g p S ) ( ) ( is not always stable against small variation of probability distribution (Lesche stability) even if g is concave function on [0,1] and analytic on ]0,1]. Our conclusion is that the stability of such a generic functional needs more hypotheses on the property of the(More)
Heavy electrons in superconducting materials are widely studied with the Kondo lattice t-J model. Numerical results have shown that the Fermi surface of these correlated particles undergoes a flattening effect according to the coupling degree J. This behaviour is not easy to understand from the theoretical point of view within standard Fermi-Dirac(More)
In this work, we consider a recently proposed entropy I (called varentropy) defined by a variational relationship ) ( dx x d dI − = β as a measure of uncertainty of random variable x. By definition, varentropy underlies a generalized virtual work principle 0 = dx leading to maximum entropy 0 ) ( = − x I d β . This paper presents an analytical investigation(More)
In the Bose-Einstein condensation of interacting atoms or molecules such as Rb, Na and Li, the theoretical understanding of the transition temperature is not always obvious due to the interactions or zero point energy which cannot be exactly taken into account. The S-wave collision model fails sometimes to account for the condensation temperatures. In this(More)
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