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In this paper, we study a non-local coupled system that arises in the theory of dislocations densities dynamics. Within the framework of viscosity solutions, we prove a long time existence and uniqueness result for the solution of this model. We also propose a convergent numerical scheme and we prove a Crandall-Lions type error estimate between the(More)
Some research has been done related to the design of antennas for cognitive radio systems. In [2], a combination of wideband and narrowband antennas into the same volume is presented. The wideband antenna is a CPW-fed printed hourglass-shaped monopole that operates from 3 to 11GHz. The narrowband antenna is a microstrip patch printed on the reverse side of(More)
1 Rima Abdallah. Institut de Recherche en Informatique de Toulouse IRIT-Université Paul Sabatier UPS –Toulouse, France In collaboration with American University of Beirut, Co-Tutelle UPS(Université Paul Sabatier)-UL(Université Libanaise) Email: ra38@aub.edu.lb; rabiy@terra.net.lb; abdallah@irit.fr 2 Ale el Hajj, Department of Electrical and Computer(More)
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