A. Eichler

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The theory of damping is discussed in Newton's Principia and has been tested in objects as diverse as the Foucault pendulum, the mirrors in gravitational-wave detectors and submicrometre mechanical resonators. In general, the damping observed in these systems can be described by a linear damping force. Advances in nanofabrication mean that it is now(More)
In this chapter we report on the RepTool, a computer based tool for the collection, analysis, and presentation of data about " workscapes ". Users of the tool collect relevant information about workplaces and workpractices in a central data structure on which the tool provides different views. Physical, social, and cognitive spaces in users' or customers'(More)
This discussion paper is/has been under review for the journal Climate of the Past (CP). Please refer to the corresponding final paper in CP if available. Abstract Accumulation and δ 18 O data from Alpine ice cores provide information on past temperature and precipitation. However, their correlation with seasonal or annual mean temperature and precipitation(More)
The adsorption of oxygen on the Ag(100) is investigated by means of density functional techniques. Starting from a characterization of the clean silver surfaces oxygen adsorption in several modifications (molecularly, on-surface, sub-surface, Ag 2 O) for varying coverage was studied. Besides structural parameters and adsorption energies also work-function(More)
Sensitive detection of weak magnetic moments is an essential capability in many areas of nanoscale science and technology, including nanomagnetism, quantum readout of spins and nanoscale magnetic resonance imaging. Here we show that the write head of a commercial hard drive may enable significant advances in nanoscale spin detection. By approaching a sharp(More)
Exploitation of the extensive polymetallic deposits of the Andean Altiplano in South America since precolonial times has caused substantial emissions of neurotoxic lead (Pb) into the atmosphere; however, its historical significance compared to recent Pb pollution from leaded gasoline is not yet resolved. We present a comprehensive Pb emission history for(More)
  • L Sold, M Huss, A Eichler, M Schwikowski, M Hoelzle
  • 2015
The spatial representation of accumulation measurements is a major limitation for current glacier mass balance monitoring approaches. Here, we present a method for estimating annual accumulation rates on a temperate Alpine glacier based on the interpretation of internal reflection horizons (IRHs) in helicopter-borne ground-penetrating radar (GPR) data. For(More)
In recent decades the West Antarctic Ice Sheet has experienced warming and glacial retreat. Despite receiving growing attention, knowledge of glacial dynamics in this region remains limited. Snow accumulation data is sparse and fails to capture true spatial variability. A shallow firn core, drilled at the triple ice divide between Pine Island Glacier,(More)