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Wind generation is one of the most successful sources of renewable energy for the production of electrical energy. The technical characteristics of wind generation make existing conventional generation models not directly applicable. This paper presents an analytical method for the reliability assessment of the flat-rated wind turbine generation systems. An(More)
In this paper, the optimum weight and cost of a laminated composite plate is seeked, while it undergoes the heaviest load prior to a complete failure. Various failure criteria are defined for such structures in the literature. In this work, the TsaiHill theory is used as the failure criterion. The theory of analysis was based on the Classical Lamination(More)
A digital-electronic reconstruction system for MRI has been designed and demonstrated. The system is capable of reconstructing a 128 x 128 pixel image from complex-valued data in approximately 8 ms (122 frames per second) or a 256 x 256 pixel image in 32 ms (30 frames per second) using the standard 2D FFT reconstruction algorithm. Real-time MR imaging can(More)
Electric power systems are typically operated at least cost subject to technical and reliability constraints. This paper presents a probabilistic approach for risk evaluation in competitive electricity market scheduling. A competitive structure is proposed which includes a purchasing agency with centrally optimized scheduling (MaxISO structure). Spinning(More)
Medical image analysis is one of the great effects of computer image processing. There are several processes to analysis the medical images which the segmentation process is one of the challenging and most important step. In this paper the segmentation method proposed in order to segment the dental radiograph images. Thresholding method has been applied to(More)
In an electric power system, spinning reserve requirements can be determined by using deterministic and/or probabilistic measures. Although deterministic methods are usual in many systems, application of probabilistic methods becomes increasingly important in the new environment of the electric power utility industry. This is because of the increased(More)
Operating reserve assessment has become increasingly important in the new utility environment in which ancillary services have been assigned a value and purchased in a competitive market. This paper first presents a procedure for compulsory provision of spinning reserve using a risk-constrained cost-based mechanism and then proposes a competitive market(More)
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