A. Edwin Robert

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Program understanding is an important aspect in Software Maintenance and Reengineering. Understanding the program is related to execution behaviour and relationship of variable involved in the program. The task of finding all statements in a program that directly or indirectly influence the value for an occurrence of a variable gives the set of statements(More)
Using electron spectroscopy, we have investigated nanoplasma formation from noble gas clusters exposed to high-intensity hard-x-ray pulses at ~5 keV. Our experiment was carried out at the SPring-8 Angstrom Compact free electron LAser (SACLA) facility in Japan. Dedicated theoretical simulations were performed with the molecular dynamics tool XMDYN. We found(More)
The Laser-Induced Breakdown Detection technique (LIBD) was adapted to achieve fast in-situ characterization of nanoparticle beams focused under vacuum by an aerodynamic lens. The method employs a tightly focused, 21 μm, scanning laser microprobe which generates a local plasma induced by the laser interaction with a single particle. A counting mode optical(More)
T he United States Pharmacopeia (USP) announced on January 18 that medication errors occurring in radio-logic services produced ''the highest percentage of harm—7 times higher than all medication errors studied in the 2000–2004 reporting period,'' according to the USP's 6th annual MEDMARX Data Report. The report, A Chart-book of 2000–2004 Findings from(More)
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