A. E. Serebryannikov

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A technique is developed to study the penetration of a TE-polarized plane wave into perfectly electric conducting cylindrical cavities with multiple apertures, taking into account wall thickness and multilayered inner filling. It is based on an integral representation of the tangential electric field on the slot apertures and the Galerkin method using(More)
A symmetry of a corrugated periodic structure can be broken due to loading or/and fabrication defects so that frequency doublets may appear, whose frequencies are just slightly splitted. In this letter, we study the potentials to enhance this splitting by enhancing the asymmetry of the cavity. This is provided by a single (loaded) resonator which differs in(More)
A generalized model is developed to study the TE-polarized plane wave scattering by coated and uncoated slotted circular cylinders of nonzero thickness and by a filled and not filled circular cylinders with sectorial cuttings. The mathematical treatment is based on the coupled integral equations (IEs) with respect to the tangential electric field at the(More)
An approach is developed for fast analysis of a wide class of azimuthally corrugated coaxial and circular structures employed in various microwave devices. In line with it, the eigenvalues of a geometrical parameter (GP) are calculated instead of the eigenfrequencies resulting in substantial acceleration of the analysis and improvement of the design(More)
In this paper, an approach is developed that allows one to substantially accelerate numerical solving of the eigenvalue modal and scattering problems treated with the aid of the mode-matching technique or integral-equation technique combined with the method of moments for a wide class of azimuthally inhomogeneous cylindrical structures having sector-shaped(More)
Both a new approximate characteristic equation and closed-form expressions for the amplitudes of the space harmonics (SH) are presented for the transverse electric modes of periodic magnetron-type cavities. Contrary to the narrow-slot approximation (NSA), which is often used in practical calculations, our approximate model takes the angular dependence of(More)
A fast method is suggested to approximately calculate the combinations of cylindrical functions of noninteger-order (CCFN), which are met in eigenvalue and scattering problems, for various structures treated in cylindrical coordinates. The method is based on low-order interpolation using known values of the combinations of integer- and semi-integer-order(More)
Unidirectional transmission can be obtained in non-symmetric photonic-crystal gratings at a fixed angle of incidence due to combination of the peculiar dispersion and the properly introduced corrugations. In the simplest way, the latter can be obtained by removing every second rod from one of the interface layers. Two main regimes are distinguished,(More)
We study the frequency dependence of reflection coefficient R in the case when the permittivity profile of the plasma wavetrain consists of the single-extremum regular part and multiextremum multiscale irregular one. To model the latter, a bandlimited fractal function is used. The main goal of this paper is to consider the effect of parameters of the(More)
Bandpass and bandstop spatial filters based on the dielectric-rod EBG structures are proposed and validated for the frequency range from 18 to 25 GHz. The obtained experimental results are well consistent with the theoretical predictions. The exploited mechanism utilizes, in particular, anisotropic-like dispersion, which can occur in the conventional EBG(More)