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The complex life cycle of Myxococcus xanthus includes predation, swarming, fruiting-body formation and sporulation. The genome of M. xanthus is large and comprises an estimated 7,400 open reading frames, of which approximately 605 code for regulatory genes. These include eight clusters of chemotaxis-like genes that define eight chemosensory pathways, most(More)
Myxococcus xanthus is a gliding bacterium with a complex life cycle that includes swarming, predation and fruiting body formation. Directed movements in M. xanthus are regulated by the Frz chemosensory system, which controls cell reversals. The Frz pathway requires the activity of FrzCD, a cytoplasmic methyl-accepting chemotaxis protein, and FrzF, a(More)
The project to develop a means of automating the production of computer program flow charts was begun in the fall of 1955. At that time, the primary consideration was to present the diagnostic test routines to the maintenance personnel in such a manner that they would be rapidly and readily understandable. During maintenance periods, the engineers must use(More)
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