A E Ridgway

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The aim of this study was to determine any differences in the collagen molecular and fibrillar packing, or the arrangement of the proteoglycans along the fibril axis, in the stroma of keratoconus and control corneas. High and low-angle x-ray diffraction patterns from the fibrillar and molecular packing of collagen in keratoconus and control corneas were(More)
Mutations within the RIEG1 homeobox gene on chromosome 4q25 have previously been reported in association with Rieger syndrome. We report a 3' splice site mutation within the 3rd intron of the RIEG1 gene which is associated with unilateral Peters' anomaly. The mutation is a single base substition of A to T at the invariant -2 site of the 3' splice site.(More)
PURPOSE Two mutations (R555Q and R124L) in the BIGH3 gene have been described in anterior or Bowman's layer dystrophies (CDB). The clinical, molecular, and ultrastructural findings of five families with CDB was reviewed to determine whether there is a consistent genotype:phenotype correlation. METHODS Keratoplasty tissue from each patient was examined by(More)
PURPOSE To investigate cell surface-associated keratan sulfate on the corneal endothelium. METHODS Immunolabeling techniques were used at the light, scanning, and transmission electron microscopic level to localize keratan sulfate on the corneal endothelium. The investigation included human, bovine, and rabbit corneal endothelia. A quantitative study of(More)
The ultrasonic appearance of retinoschisis is a single echo similar to, but of smaller amplitude than that of retinal detachment and separated from the scleral echo by a silent space representing subretinal fluid . Quantitative ultrasonic measurements were made in a series of patients and show a statistically significant difference between the acoustic(More)
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