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We have identified in Xenopus and in the mouse two highly related genes, Xiro3 and Irx3 respectively, that encode a Drosophila Iroquois-related homeobox transcription factor. Xiro3 in Xenopus and Irx3 in the mouse are expressed early in the prospective neural plate in a subset of neural precursor cells. In Xenopus, injection of Xiro3 mRNA expands the neural(More)
A choristoma is a benign tumour-like mass consisting of mature tissue derived from one or more germ cell layers that are foreign to the site at which they are located. Choristomas of the pharynx are rare with few cases being reported in the English literature. Management of these lesions is usually complete surgical excision. We report a case of(More)
A case of an isolated pleomorphic adenoma of the retropharyngeal space is reported, this has not been documented previously in the literature. Attention is drawn to the wide spectrum of benign and malignant neoplasms that can potentially occur within this complex anatomical region. The importance of a systematic and logical approach to the management of(More)
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