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A number of methods have been described for the estimation of peptic activity, many of which are accurate and convenient for comparative experiments but none of which give results which are accurately reproducible with different preparations of the protein used. This variation is due to the difficulty involved in obtaining reproducible protein preparations(More)
The viscosity of a protein solution is increased by the denaturation of the protein. This is true both when there is the formation of protein aggregates which occlude water and when there is no aggregation. Under certain conditions, as a result of the aggregation following denaturation, a solution containing only one per cent of protein may be converted(More)
The denaturation of hemoglobin by salicylate in neutral solution is completely reversible. There is a mobile equilibrium between native and denatured hemoglobin in neutral salicylate solution. The higher the salicylate concentration the greater is the percentage denaturation. When there is a mobile equilibrium between the native and denatured forms of a(More)