A. E. Kwitek

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BACKGROUND Long oligonucleotide microarrays are potentially more cost- and management-efficient than cDNA microarrays, but there is little information on the relative performance of these two probe types. The feasibility of using unmodified oligonucleotides to accurately measure changes in gene expression is also unclear. RESULTS Unmodified sense and(More)
Animal models have been used primarily as surrogates for humans, having similar disease-based phenotypes. Genomic organization also tends to be conserved between species, leading to the generation of comparative genome maps. The emergence of radiation hybrid (RH) maps, coupled with the large numbers of available Expressed Sequence Tags (ESTs), has(More)
Journal Articles (Selected from over 220 articles he has authored or co-authored)A complex interaction of imprinted and maternal-effect genes modifies sex determination in odd sex (Ods) mice.What can studies on Turner syndrome tell us about the role of X-linked genes in social cognition?.Genomewide search and association studies in a Finnish celiac disease(More)
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