A. E. J. de Jager

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The clinical features of inclusion body myositis (IBM) were of minor importance in the design of consensus diagnostic criteria, mainly because of controversial views on the specificity of signs and symptoms, although some authors reported "typical" signs. To re–assess the clinical spectrum of IBM, a single investigator using a standard protocol studied a(More)
A paranoid psychosis, resembling amphetamine psychosis, caused by chewing Khat (stems and leaves from the plant Catha edulis) has been well described. Our case demonstrates the natural history of Khat psychosis which, in previous case reports, has been vigorously treated with major tranquillisers.
Three patients with the late-onset form of acid maltase deficiency showed a gradual weakening of proximal limb and trunk muscles leading to severe respiratory insufficiency. Considerable deterioration of pulmonary function occurred owing to a vicious cycle of hypoventilation and exhaustion. Treatment by nocturnal cuirass ventilation with tailor-made shells(More)
In order to document the sensory deficit still present several years after onset of Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS) and to determine if the sensory residua have a disrupting effect on daily life, 122 patients were asked to cooperate in a neurological examination and to complete a questionnaire three to six years after onset. On functional assessment 84(More)
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