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The ability of a selected strain of the malaria vector Anopheles gambiae to encapsulate the early oocysts of the malaria parasite Plasmodium cynomolgi B has previously been shown to be genetically linked to specific esterase phenotypes. This association between Plasmodium susceptibility and esterase phenotype is found in the An. gambiae G3 strain from which(More)
We are studying the interaction between malarial parasites and their mosquito hosts by a process based on the genetic selection of lines of the mosquito vector that will not support normal parasite development. The model system we are using is the mosquito Anopheles gambiae and a number of different human and non-human primate malarial parasites. Our first(More)
Two cDNAs are described from Anopheles gambiae that correspond to the ADP/ATP carrier or translocase. The clones are identical except for minor differences in the 5' non-coding region and in the lengths of the poly-A tails. They code for mRNAs of 1261 and 1263 bp and contain one open reading frame of 906 bp. A probe made from the 1263 bp cDNA hybridized to(More)
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