A. E. Costa

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The psychiatric examination was performed with diagnostic instruments for autism (DSM-IV and Childhood Autism Rating Scale-CARS) in 23 children with Möbius sequence. From the 23 patients studied with Möbius sequence, five (26.1%) met the diagnostic criteria for infantile autism according DSM-IV and two (8.6%), under two years old, showed autistic-like(More)
We study random 2-dimensional complexes in the Linial-Meshulam model and prove that for the probability parameter satisfying p ≪ n −46/47 a random 2-complex Y contains several pairwise disjoint tetrahedra such that the 2-complex Z obtained by removing any face from each of these tetrahedra is aspherical. Moreover, we prove that the obtained complex Z(More)
We study random 2-dimensional complexes in the Linial-Meshu-lam model and prove that the fundamental group of a random 2-complex Y has cohomological dimension ≤ 2 if the probability parameter satisfies p ≪ n −3/5. Besides , for n −3/5 ≪ p ≪ n −1/2−ǫ the fundamental group π 1 (Y) has elements of order two and is of infinite cohomological dimension. We also(More)
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