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Tension-dependent (TDH) and tension-independent heat (TIH) release were measured during single isovolumetric contractions in the arterially perfused rat ventricle. Under perfusion with 7 mM K-0.5 mM Ca, TDH showed only one component (H3), whereas TIH could be divided into two components (H1 and H2) of short evolution (similar to the classically identified(More)
The calcium channels blocker, nifedipine (NIF) inhibited in a partial non competitive manner the changes in perfusion pressure (delta P) caused by noradrenaline (NA) in the rat hindquarters, being the maximum inhibition of 31.0 +/- 8.3% (n = 5) for NIF 1.10(-5) M. The vasoconstrictor response of K+ 80 mM - phentolamine 3.10(-6)M was inhibited with lower(More)
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