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OBJECTIVE To determine whether patients with knee or hip osteoarthritis (OA) who have worse physical function preoperatively achieve a postoperative status that is similar to that of patients with better preoperative function. METHODS This study surveyed an observational cohort of 379 consecutive patients with definite OA who were without other(More)
OBJECTIVE There is increasing evidence in support of an association between systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) and malignancy, but in earlier studies the association could not be quantified precisely. The present study was undertaken to ascertain the incidence of cancer in SLE patients, compared with that in the general population. METHODS We assembled a(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the frequency of mutations in CDKL5 in both male and female patients with infantile spasms or early onset epilepsy of unknown cause, and to consider whether the breadth of the reported phenotype would be extended by studying a different patient group. METHODS Two groups of patients were investigated for CDKL5 mutations. Group 1(More)
OBJECTIVE The frequency of coronary heart disease (CHD) and stroke are increased in systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), but the extent of the increase is uncertain. We sought to determine to what extent the increase could not be explained by common risk factors. METHODS The participants at two SLE registries were assessed retrospectively for the baseline(More)
BACKGROUND Because of the growing demand for genetic assessment, there is an urgent need for information about what services are appropriate for women with a family history of breast cancer. Our purpose was to compare the psychologic impact and costs of a multidisciplinary genetic and surgical assessment service with those of current service provisions. (More)
OBJECTIVE To examine mortality rates in the largest systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) cohort ever assembled. METHODS Our sample was a multisite international SLE cohort (23 centers, 9,547 patients). Deaths were ascertained by vital statistics registry linkage. Standardized mortality ratio (SMR; ratio of deaths observed to deaths expected) estimates were(More)
BACKGROUND Peanut-allergic patients are affected by a condition which forces them and their families to exercise extreme dietary vigilance and experience constant uncertainty throughout their lives. OBJECTIVE To compare the quality of life and family relations of children and adults with a peanut allergy to that of children and adults with a(More)
Mutations in the methyl-CpG-binding protein gene MECP2 at Xq28 cause Rett syndrome (RTT), an X-linked dominant neurodevelopmental disorder characterized by a period of stagnation followed by regression in the development of young girls. Mutations were sought in MECP2 in 48 females with classical sporadic RTT, seven families with possible familial RTT and(More)
The increasing demand for genetic assessment for familial breast cancer has necessitated the development of cancer genetics services. However, little is known about the factors motivating the client population likely to approach these services. A cross sectional questionnaire survey of 1000 women with a family history of breast cancer was conducted to(More)
Boys with X-linked hypohidrotic ectodermal dysplasia and their families were studied. Many suffered severe illness in early childhood and nearly 30% died; many had feeding problems, severe fever, atopic disease, and recurrent respiratory infections. Some infants failed to thrive. We found no consistent common endocrine or immunological abnormality,(More)