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In a first experiment a miniaturised radio hydrophone was implanted inside the amniotic sac in three pregnant ewes and recordings were made from 3 weeks before the lambs were born until they had emerged; these recordings showed that the sound of the mother's voice was slightly louder when picked up by the hydrophone inside the amniotic sac than when picked(More)
Four groups of rat pups were reared: mother-reared control (well-fed) and undernourished (MRC, MRU) and artificially-reared control and undernourished (ARC, ARU). AR rats were fed expressed rats' milk (days 5-7), mixtures of rats milk and milk substitute (days 8-16), and milk substitute only (days 17-20) by intermittent infusion via a gastric cannula.(More)
Administration of diazepam (0.28 mg/kg, IP; 60 min) to male mice or to female mice at oestrus or dioestrus increased the number of transitions made between the light and dark chambers of a test apparatus, a presumed anxiolytic action. However, the same dose of diazepam had no effect on light/dark transitions at late dioestrus, proestrus, or metoestrus II.(More)
Rats were undernourished from birth to 45 days of age, first by underfeeding their mothers (50% of ad libitum diet) and then, from weaning at 25 days, by feeding the pups a restricted diet. They were fed ad libitum from 45 days till the start of behavioural testing at 29 weeks. Eleven well-fed control (C) and 10 previously undernourished (PU) male rats were(More)
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