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Vehicle automation is a promising petroleum reduction technology, and platooning systems for heavy-duty vehicles are likely to be a first step towards acceptance of vehicle automation. These systems may employ existing technologies such as radar or laser range finders, global positioning system (GPS), dedicated vehicle-to-vehicle communications (V2V), and(More)
Illuminated Arabic manuscripts have been studied, employing two laboratory-made X-ray diffraction (XRD) systems developed recently in the C2RMF laboratory. The validity of the micro-XRD and XRD portable systems for the study of this type of artworks has been demonstrated. A common observation in all the analyses is the presence of calcite and rutile; also,(More)
In this paper we study, from a numerical point of view, some aspects of stability of solitary-wave solutions of the Bona–Smith systems of equations. These systems are a family of Boussinesq-type equations and were originally proposed for modelling the two-way propagation of one-dimensional long waves of small amplitude in an open channel of water of(More)
In this paper we deal with several issues concerning variable-stepsize linear multistep methods. First, we prove their stability when their fixed-stepsize counterparts are stable and under mild conditions on the step-sizes and the variable coefficients. Then we prove asymptotic expansions on the considered tolerance for the global error committed. Using(More)
Intelligent and automatic systems based on arrays of non-specific-response chemical sensors were recently developed in our laboratory. For multidetermination applications, the normal choice is an array of potentiometric sensors to generate the signal, and an artificial neural network (ANN) correctly trained to obtain the calibration model. As a great amount(More)
The X-ray fluorescence (XRF) technique is a common choice in the archaeometric field for in situ investigations with portable instruments. This work shows that XRF portable systems can be used for quantitative analyses using appropriate software, obtaining a similar accuracy to that provided with other techniques such as particle-induced X-ray emission(More)
Some previous works show that symmetric fixed-and variable-stepsize linear multistep methods for second-order systems which do not have any parasitic root in their first characteristic polynomial give rise to a slow error growth with time when integrating reversible systems. In this paper, we give a technique to construct variable-stepsize symmetric methods(More)
Study of prehistoric art is playing a major role in the knowledge of human evolution. Many scientific methods are involved in this investigation including chemical analysis of pigments present on artefacts or applied to cave walls. In the past decades, the characterization of coloured materials was carried on by taking small samples. This procedure had two(More)
This study compared fuel economy and emissions between heavy-duty hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs) and equivalent conventional diesel vehicles. In-use field data were collected from daily fleet operations carried out at a FedEx facility in California on six HEV and six conventional 2010 Freightliner M2-106 straight box trucks. Field data collection primarily(More)
This research project compares the in-use and laboratory-derived fuel economy of a medium-duty hybrid electric drivetrain with " engine off at idle " capability to a conventional drivetrain in a typical commercial package delivery application. Vehicles in this study included eleven model year 2010 Freightliner P100H hybrids that were placed in service at a(More)