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The electrochemiluminescence (ECL) of a luminol derivate (ABEI) generated both by a carbon electrode and a polypyrrole-coated carbon electrode was examined. It was found that the polypyrrole film (ppy) did not inhibit the ECL. After that, ABEI anchored on a single stranded DNA target (ODNt) has been used for the ECL detection of the hybridization between a(More)
By gravimetric measurements using a quartz cristal microbalance (QCM), we have studied the immobilization of biotinylated glucose oxidase enzymes (B-GOx) bound through on an intermediate avidin layer to a biotinylated polypyrrole film. The aim is to assess the amount of B-GOx specifically anchored on the biotinylated polypyrrole/avidin assembly thank to the(More)
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