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r esum e. Une mani ere d'optimiser la v eriication des contraintes d'int egrit e est de pouvoir d etecter, a la compilation, quelles contraintes ne seront jamais viol ees apr es avoir ex ecut e une transaction donn ee. Une premi ere m ethode consiste a exploiter de l'information relative aux types des objets manipul es par la transaction. Cette m ethode,(More)
Mixture models are ubiquitous in applied science. In many real-world applications, the number of mixture components needs to be estimated from the data. A popular approach consists of using information criteria to perform model selection. Another approach which has become very popular over the past few years consists of using Dirichlet processes mixture(More)
OBJECTIVE This study examined social information processing (SIP) of events with varied outcomes in children with ADHD and conduct problems (CPs; defined as oppositional defiant disorder [ODD] or conduct disorder [CD]) and controls. METHOD Participants were 64 children (46 boys, 18 girls) aged 6 to 12, including 39 with ADHD and 25 controls. Vignettes(More)
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