A. Donny Strosberg

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BACKGROUND Leptin (LEP) has been consistently associated with angiogenesis and tumor growth. Leptin exerts its physiological action through its specific receptor (LEPR). We have investigated whether genetic variations in LEP and LEPR have implications for susceptibility to and prognosis in breast carcinoma. METHODS We used the polymerase chain reaction(More)
The release of alpha MSH from the pars intermedia of amphibians is regulated by multiple factors, including classical neurotransmitters and neuropeptides. In this study we have examined the possible involvement of acetylcholine (ACh) in the regulation of alpha MSH secretion from the pars intermedia of the frog (Rana ridibunda) using the perifusion(More)
The concept that adipocytes belong to an essential endocrine system with some characteristics of immune cells has recently emerged. The aim of this paper is to present evidence of the expression of CD4, CXCR4, and CCR5 receptors by human adipocytes and to test whether adipose cells support HIV entry. Primary human preadipocytes were cultured and(More)
Over 130 million people are infected chronically with hepatitis C virus (HCV), which, together with HBV, is the leading cause of liver disease. Novel small molecule inhibitors of Hepatitis C virus (HCV) are needed to complement or replace current treatments based on pegylated interferon and ribavirin, which are only partially successful and plagued with(More)
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