A. Dilene van Campen

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Goal-directed action control comes into play when selecting between competing action alternatives. Response capture reflects the susceptibility of the motor system to incitement by task-irrelevant action impulses; the subsequent selective suppression of incorrect action impulses aims to counteract response capture and facilitate the desired response. The(More)
The functional contribution of the lateral frontal cortex to behavior has been discussed with reference to several higher-order cognitive domains. In a separate line of research, recent studies have focused on the anatomical organization of this part of the brain. These different approaches are rarely combined. Here, we combine previous work using(More)
Very strict limits constrain the current possibilities for compost utilization in agriculture and for land reclamation, thus creating a need for other compost utilization practices. A favourable alternative can be compost utilization as a renewable heat source - alternative fuel. The changes of the basic physical-chemical parameters during the composting(More)
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