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Abnormal electroencephalographic seizure-like activity and myoclonic movements have been recognized during enflurane anesthesia. This is most commonly seen in the presence of respiratory alkalosis and high concentrations of enflurane. Immediate and delayed postoperative generalized tonic-clonic convulsions have also been reported after enflurane anesthesia.(More)
Arterial and hepatic venous blood levels of glucose were studied in 12 dogs during orthotopic liver transplantation performed under ketamine anesthesia without exogenous glucose administration. During the early part of surgery, arterial blood glucose levels were stable: 161 +/- 12 mg/dl (mean +/- SEM) after laparotomy and 183 +/- 16 mg/dl 5 min before the(More)
T HE introduction of Cya was a ml\ior breakthrough in organ transplantation. However. side effects of the drug. such as frequent episodes of re~tion, nephrotoxic-ity, and hypertension, stimula~a ,~h for agents devoid of such effects. A recently4eve1Oped drug, FK 506, appears to be superior to Cy A in immuOOsuppression, with an advantage in humans of(More)
To test the hypothesis that cells at the lens epithelium-fibre cell interface (EFI) are metabolically coupled to one another. Methods: The distribution and function of gap junctions at the EFI were examined in lenses from several species using a combination of low molecular weight dye injection, freeze-fracture electron microscopy and immunofluorescence(More)
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