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We performed a pilot study in which 22 kidney recipients (14 LD: 8 DCD) were given alemtuzumab induction (30 mg day 0 and 1), steroids (500 mg mp day 0 and 1, none thereafter), mycophenolate mofetil (MMF) maintenance (500 mg b.i.d) and sirolimus (concentration controlled 8-12 ng/mL). With a mean follow-up of 15.9 months, patient survival is (21/22) 96% and(More)
D S T f a a 6 s t 1 1 c t t m b p o d o BSTRACT bjectives To assess the nutrient adequacy of the diets of S infants and toddlers 4 to 24 months of age. esign Descriptive analysis of the usual nutrient intakes f infants and toddlers using 24-hour recall data from the 002 Feeding Infants and Toddlers Study. ubjects A national random sample of 3,022 infants(More)
HIV is no longer an absolute contraindication to solid organ transplantation. However, few reports have been published with regards to pancreas or simultaneous pancreas kidney transplantation in the HIV-positive recipient. We report, to our knowledge, the first simultaneous pancreas kidney transplantation (SPK) performed in an HIV-positive patient in the(More)
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