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We introduce a new model for the dynamics of centroblasts and centrocytes in a germinal center. The model reduces the germinal center reaction to the elements considered as essential and embeds proliferation of centroblasts, point mutations of the corresponding antibody types represented in a shape space, differentiation to centrocytes, selection with(More)
Resistance to torsional forces is critical in restoration of endodontically treated teeth. Seven post designs (Flexi-Post, Flexi-Flange, Para-Post, AccessPost, World Post, Vlock, and Dentatus posts) were cemented in roots of natural teeth with zinc phosphate and Flexi-Flow cements, which resulted in 11 different groupings that were subjected to torsional(More)
This in vitro study measured key morphological features of pulp chambers in anterior teeth and tested the hypothesis that the distance from the lingual surface (midpoint from the cusp tip to the lingual CEJ) to the pulp chamber (the midpoint from the buccal to the lingual CEJ) was similar for different tooth types. Extracted human teeth were sorted and 100(More)
In this study two precision overdenture attachment designs were tested for retention--a nylon overdenture cap system and a new cap and keeper system. The new cap and keeper system was designed to reduce the time involved in replacing a cap worn by the conditions of the oral environment. Six groups were tested at two different angles and retentive failure(More)
Gliomas are highly invasive brain tumours characterised by poor prognosis and limited response to therapy. There is an ongoing debate on the therapeutic potential of vaso-modulatory interventions against glioma invasion. Prominent vasculature-targeting therapies involve tumour blood vessel deterioration and normalisation. The former aims at tumour(More)
INTRODUCTION A limited number of in vivo studies have discussed the prevalence of middle mesial canals in root canal systems of mandibular molars. The reported results have varied between 1% and 25%, with no detailed description of the depth and direction of troughing needed to identify such small canal orifices. The objective of the present study was to(More)
In this paper, we examine the performance of a Blu-ray disk (BD) aspheric lens as the objective of a miniaturized scanning nonlinear optical microscope. By combining a single 2D micro-electro mechanical system (MEMS) mirror as the scanner and with different tube lens pairs, the field of view (FOV) of the studied microscope varies from 59 μm × 93 μm up to(More)
  • J U Andersen, S P Moller, E Uggerhoj, W Greiner, A V Korol, A V Solov +11 others
  • 2009
Incorporation of excluded-volume correlations into Poisson-Boltzmann theory, " Phys. Rev. E71 (2005) 061106, arXiv:cond-mat/0502333. [3] A. Arnold and C. Holm, " Efficient methods to compute long range interactions for soft matter systems, " in Advanced Computer Simulation Approaches for Soft Matter Sciences II, C. [4] A. Arnold and C. Holm, " MMM1D: A(More)
Cellular automata can be viewed as simple models of spatially extended decentralized systems made up of a number of individual components (e.g. biological cells). The communication between constituent cells is limited to local interaction. Each individual cell is in a specific state which changes over time depending on the states of its local neighbors. In(More)