A. Desormeaux

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We report a pulsed doubly resonant optical parametric oscillator that uses an original entangled-cavity geometry. This compact source (total volume of 1 L, including the pump laser) displays single-frequency operation (linewidth, <100 MHz), a high repetition rate (>10 kHz), low threshold (<10 muJ), and wide tuning in the mid-infrared. These properties(More)
The age reliability of the RF performance of CMOS radio chips must be validated prior to high volume manufacturing. In this paper, we show the results of age simulations on some RF subblock designs used in our 802.11 a/b/g radio chip transceiver for our WLAN card. Transistor age models, based on HCI and NBTI age degradation mechanisms, were derived from(More)
By recording low-pressure absorption lines of N2O around 3.9 microm, we fully qualify a pulsed entangled-cavity doubly resonant optical parametric oscillator as a power tool for high-resolution spectroscopy. This compact source runs at a high repetition rate (>10 kHz) with a low threshold of oscillation (<8 microJ), is mode-hop-free tunable over 5 cm(-1),(More)
We present what we believe to be the first demonstration of high resolution molecular spectroscopy in the mid-infrared by a free running pulsed optical parametric oscillator. Absorption spectroscopy of N<sub>2 </sub>O is demonstrated as an application
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