A. Desai Narasimhalu

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In this paper we present a method of attacking public-key cryptosystems (PKCs) on tamper resistant devices. The attack makes use of transient faults and seems applicable to many types of PKCs. In particular, we show how to attack the RSA, the ElGamal signature scheme, the Schnorr signature scheme, and the DSA. We also present some possible methods to(More)
Rapid advances in multimedia technology necessitate the development of a generic multimedia information system with a powerful retrieval engine for prototyping multimedia applications. We develop a content-based retrieval engine (CORE) that makes use of novel indexing techniques for multimedia object retrieval. We formalize the concepts related to(More)
With ever increasing number of registered trademarks, the task of trademark office is becoming increasingly difficult to ensure the uniqueness of all trademarks registered. Trademarks are complex patterns consisting of various image and text patterns, called device-mark and word-in-mark respectively. Due to the diversity and complexity of image patterns(More)
Multimedia technologies are being adopted both in the professional and commercial world with great enthusiasm. This has led to a significant interest in the research and development of multimedia databases. However, none of these efforts have really addressed the issues related to the benchmarking of multimedia databases. We analyze the problem of(More)
Attempts have been made to extend SQL to work with multimedia databases. We are reserved on the representation ability of extended SQL to cope with the richness in content of multimedia data. In this paper we present an example of a multimedia database system, Computer Aided Facial Image Inference and Retrieval system (CAFIIR). The system stores and manages(More)