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Following Karp's discrete Dynamic Programming (DP) approach, this work extends the sequential model for monadic DP to the parallel case. We propose general parallel DP algorithms for pipeline and ring networks. The study of the optimality of these algorithms leads us to the introduction of new classes of multistage automata. However, the important class of(More)
Two applications of Self Organising Map (SOM) networks in the context of nonlinear control are introduced, one in approximate feedback linearisation and the second in optimal control. It is shown that a modified SOM can be used to approximately Input/Output (I/O) linearise and to control nonlinear systems using a combination of the SOM learning algorithm,(More)
In this paper diierential geometry is used to investigate the structure of neural network based control systems. The key aspect is relative order, an invariant property, of dynamic systems. Finite relative order allows the speciication of a minimal architecture for a recurrent network. Any system with nite relative order has a left-inverse. It is shown that(More)
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