A. De la Torre

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The aims of this study were to analyse the effects of eccentric overload training (EOT) on kinetic parameters during change of direction (COD) and performance related to sprinting and jumping abilities. 20 male soccer players performed 2 different protocols: 1) 5-min cycling warm-up and 2) 5-min cycling warm-up+YoYo half-squat exercise. The outcome measured(More)
INTRODUCTION There is no unanimous consensus on the clinical features to define breakthrough cancer pain (BTcP). The current project aimed to investigate the opinion of a panel of experts on cancer pain on how to define, diagnose, assess, treat and monitor BTcP. MATERIALS AND METHODS A two-round Spanish multi-centre exploratory Delphi study was conducted(More)
This study reports 78 Rietveld quantitative phase analyses using Cu K 1 , Mo K 1 and synchrotron radiations. Synchrotron powder diffraction has been used to validate the most challenging analyses. From the results for three series with increasing contents of an analyte (an inorganic crystalline phase, an organic crystalline phase and a glass), it is(More)
There are no published studies examining the utility of total homocysteine (HCY) in pleural fluid. The aim was to measure the accuracy of pleural fluid HCY concentration for diagnosis of malignant pleural effusion (MPE). We studied pleural fluids obtained by thoracocentesis in patients with pleural effusion. Pleural fluid HCY concentration was measured by(More)
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