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The Wisconsin card sorting test and the Weigl test are two neuropsychological tools widely used in clinical practice to assess frontal lobe functions. In this study we present norms useful for Italian subjects aged from 15 to 85 years, with 5-17 years of education. Concerning the Wisconsin card sorting test, a new measure of global efficiency (global score)(More)
The aim of this paper is to discuss the issue of dissociations found in unilateral spatial neglect according to the modality of space exploration and the nature of the task. For this purpose we present a reanalysis of the data from a recent paper of Gentilini et al. (1989) comparing visual and blindfolded exploration of a computer keyboard and discuss the(More)
Three groups of patients (right brain-damaged patients with or without left neglect, and left brain-damaged patients) and a group of healthy subjects, matched for age and educational level to the three groups of patients, were asked to report which of the two frontal surfaces of Necker cubes oriented in four different ways looked, at first sight, nearer to(More)
Hemispatial neglect due to right parieto-temporo-frontal lesions has a negative impact on the success of rehabilitation, resulting in poor functional gain. Recent research has shown that different types of neglect can impact in a different way on rehabilitation outcomes. The availability of a sensitive test, useful for distinguishing egocentric and(More)
gruppi: il primo (low-level) includeva soggetti confinati a letto; il secondo (high level) pazienti ancora in grado di deambulare. Nei pazienti low-level gli obiettivi della terapia erano di ridurre il dolore, facilitare il nursing, migliorare la postura e la qualità del sonno, pre-venire/ridurre le contratture, facilitare il posizionamento nel letto e
We report results of a writing task given to 53 mildly to moderately aphasic Italian subjects. The task was designed to test the writing performance along the subword-level routine for the spelling of regular words and non-words, and along the lexical routine for the spelling of irregular words. The aim of the study was to identify the incidence of(More)
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