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Matrin 3 (MATR3) is a highly conserved, inner nuclear matrix protein with two zinc finger domains and two RNA recognition motifs (RRM), whose function is largely unknown. Recently we found MATR3 to be phosphorylated by the protein kinase ATM, which activates the cellular response to double strand breaks in the DNA. Here, we show that MATR3 interacts in an(More)
We characterise algebras commutative with respect to a Yang-Baxter operator (quasi-commutative algebras) in terms of certain cosimplicial complexes. In some cases this characterisation allows the classification of all possible quasi-commutative structures.
Twisted homomorphisms of bialgebras are bialgebra homomorphisms from the first into Drinfeld twistings of the second. They possess a composition operation extending composition of bialgebra homomorphisms. Gauge transformations of twists, compatible with adjacent homomorphisms, give rise to gauge transformation of twisted homomorphisms, which behave nicely(More)
We continue the study of twisted automorphisms of Hopf algebras started in [4]. In this paper we concentrate on the group algebra case. We describe the group of twisted automorphisms of the group algebra of a group of order coprime to 6. The description turns out to be very similar to the one for the universal enveloping algebra given in [4].
High-throughput sequencing analysis of hypermutating immunoglobulin (IG) repertoires remains a challenging task. Here we present a robust protocol for the full-length profiling of human and mouse IG repertoires. This protocol uses unique molecular identifiers (UMIs) introduced in the course of cDNA synthesis to control bottlenecks and to eliminate PCR and(More)