A. Dandrieux

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This work has been carried out in the framework of the ARAMIS project, which aims at developing a comprehensive procedure for assessing the risk level associated to an industrial site with respect to the surrounding environment. To this end, an index is defined which consists of the contribution of three terms, expressing the severity of the scenario(More)
We have studied the sequence of events that occurs when a high-speed projectile (from 960 ms(-1) to 1480 ms(-1)) penetrates a vessel filled with toxic liquid. We find that prior to liquid ejection several well-defined phases occur, including the phenomenon known as the "hydraulic ram." Then a catastrophic tank failure leads to liquid ejection and(More)
The need for gas compound measurement concerns overall three domains: environmental monitoring, emission measurement and risk assessment. These fields are different because of concentration range (from 10–3 to thousands mg.m–3). A fast technique has been developed based on UV spectrophotometry. Simple robust optics and absence of interference from water(More)
Water sprays are sometimes used as a means of mitigating accidental releases of chlorine gas. This paper gives results of a series of small-scale experimental field tests on the mitigation of chlorine gaseous releases (about 1kg/min) by various downward water sprays. The releases were from a cylinder of liquefied chlorine located in a storage shed. The shed(More)
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