A Danagoulian

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We report on a new measurement of the parity-violating asymmetry in quasielastic electron scattering from the deuteron at backward angles at Q2=0.038 (GeV/c)2. This quantity provides a determination of the neutral weak axial vector form factor of the nucleon, which can potentially receive large electroweak corrections. The measured asymmetry A=-3.51+/-0.57(More)
The violation of mirror symmetry in the weak force provides a powerful tool to study the internal structure of the proton. Experimental results have been obtained that address the role of strange quarks in generating nuclear magnetism. The measurement reported here provides an unambiguous constraint on strange quark contributions to the proton's magnetic(More)
We are proposing a comprehensive program to study transverse momentum dependence of valence quark transverse and longitudinal spin distributions through measurements of single-spin and double-spin azimuthal asymmetries in semi-inclusive electroproduction of pions using the upgraded JLab 11 GeV polarized electron beam and the CLAS12 detector with a(More)
A hodoscope calorimeter comprising of 704 lead-glass blocks is described. The calorimeter was constructed for use in the JLab Real Compton Scattering experiment. The detector provides a measurement of the coordinates and the energy of scattered photons in the GeV energy range with resolutions of 5 mm and 6%/ p Eγ [GeV ], respectively. Design features and(More)
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